Comprehensive Multidisciplinary Psychiatric Assessments in Richardson, TX

Are you struggling with anxiety, post-traumatic disorders, mood disorders, and other mental health issues? Our comprehensive multidisciplinary psychiatric assessments in Richardson, TX, will help us identify the underlying issues and get you started on a treatment plan.

We are a walk-in mental health clinic that provides excellent care and support to residents of Richardson, TX, and beyond. We believe that psychiatric care should be available to everyone that needs it at all times. That’s why we have done away with long wait times and made it possible for our clients to access the mental health professionals they need on a walk-in basis.

When you arrive at our facility, you will be met by a compassionate team that will help you navigate and overcome even the most complex mental health problems.

What to Expect

During your evaluation, our psychiatrist will ask you several questions to better understand your lifestyle and background, medical history, family history, past psychiatric diagnoses, and previous treatments, if any.

You must answer these questions honestly to allow our team to arrive at an accurate diagnosis. Only with a correct diagnosis can you get the treatment that you need to resume a healthy life free of emotional and mental distress.

We have created an environment where everyone feels at home, regardless of their mental health condition. Whether you’ve been feeling depressed, empty, anxious, hopeless, stressed, or have been struggling with weight issues, we can help you.

Identifying the source of your pain—and offering practical and long-term mitigation—is of paramount importance to everyone who works at Innovated Minds.

Preparing for a Psychiatric Assessment

Admitting that you have a psychiatric problem can be daunting, especially since we live in a society where mental health is largely misunderstood. First, we commend you for being brave enough to realize that you need help. We want you to know that we are your allies in this fight against mental health problems.

You don’t require a lot of preparation before your psychiatric assessment. However, we recommend doing the following a day or two before walking into our mental health clinic:

  • Brush up on your medical and family history so you can answer all questions asked.
  • Make a list of your thoughts, feelings, concerns and questions. Don’t forget to include your chief complaint. Your chief complaint is the biggest concern that you’re currently experiencing. A chief complaint may be something such as “I feel empty and depressed” or “I feel anxious all the time.”

Remember that seeking help is the first step towards living the life that is truly yours, unencumbered by fear, stress, dark thoughts, and other mental problems. Reach out to Innovated Minds and experience first-hand the effectiveness of comprehensive multidisciplinary psychiatric assessments near you.

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