Mood Disorders in Richardson, TX

Every day, we deal with a wide range of emotions. One minute, you’re thrilled because you finally got your well-deserved and long-awaited promotion. The next minute, you may become upset because of something a colleague did or said. Fluctuations in mood are normal, and they come and go as you go through your day.

If your mood fluctuations are causing significant disruption to your everyday life, then this isn’t normal, and you may have a mood disorder.

Mood disorders are severe distortions in mood or emotions, which often cause a significant (and typically negative) change in the affected individual’s life. If you’re living with a mood disorder, you may become unproductive at home and work and even find it hard to form relationships. People with mood disorders may be at an increased risk for drug and substance abuse and may also experience suicidal thoughts.

Extreme changes in your mood are the typical indicators of mood disorders. For some people, this means extreme happiness or mania, while others experience intense sadness and emptiness.

Innovated Minds is a one-of-its-kind psychiatric clinic offering professional help for mood disorders in Richardson, TX, on a walk-in basis. Visit us today if you’d help to manage or stabilize your mood so you can enjoy a productive and fulfilling life.

Types of Mood Disorders

There are three major types of mood disorders. These include depressive, bipolar, and manic. Under these three main categories, there are other subtypes, such as dysthymic disorder (a lesser type of depression) and cyclothymic disorder (a less severe type of bipolar). Individuals can also experience mood disorders as a result of illness or certain types of medication.

Mood disorders can affect various aspects of your life, including your emotional, physical, and mental well-being. If you’re struggling with mood disorders in Richardson, TX, make it a priority to get the professional intervention that you need.

When left without intervention or treatment, mood disorders can spiral out of control, causing significant harm to a person and the people near and dear to them. In cases where your mood disorder persists over an extended time after initial treatment, you must always seek additional treatment whenever you need it.

Treatment for Mood Disorders

Mood disorders are typically managed using medication and psychotherapy. During your session at Innovated Minds, our therapist and psychiatrist will examine you to determine what type of disorder you have and, after that, identify the most appropriate course of treatment.

Getting the right help for mood disorders will help you overcome the debilitating emotional turmoil that often characterizes severe mood fluctuations. We can help you lift yourself from the heartache, pain, and struggle of living with a mood disorder and empower you to feel in control of your life once again.

Reach out to our expert psychiatric team at Innovated Minds if you’re looking for a clinic that provides treatment for mood disorders near you. Remember, having a mood disorder is nothing to be ashamed of, but seeking treatment is your responsibility.

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