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Many people associate mental health disorders with adults. The truth, however, is that children experience psychiatric conditions too. After all, children are little people who are growing into adults. Mental health disorders in children may manifest in several ways. You may have a child who seems problematic for no reason, except that reason is that they are struggling with things going on in their brain. Or perhaps your child seems depressed and withdrawn and cannot seem to master the art of socializing with their peers. In both cases, such a child may benefit from professional care.

Innovated Minds is a walk-in psychiatric clinic that provides mental health care, including pediatric services in Richardson, TX. We are committed to giving the right guidance and support that clients need to overcome overwhelming mental conditions and go on to enjoy full and productive lives.

Does Your Child Need Psychiatric Help?

Admitting that your child may have a psychiatric disorder isn’t easy for any parent, especially considering the stigma associated with mental illness. However, your child’s mental health comes before any misconceptions that society may have regarding the same. If your child is showing concerning signs, you must arrange to get them the help they need. Untreated mental illness in children may hinder learning and development as well as put them in danger of harming themselves and others.

Here are symptoms that may indicate an underlying mental disorder in your child:

  • Showing signs of depression or sadness that persists beyond two weeks
  • Attempting to harm him or herself or others /self-destructive behavior
  • Excessive worrying
  • Panic attacks or experiencing an overwhelming sense of fear or dread
  • Difficulty concentrating or remembering things
  • Severe mood swings
  • Substance abuse
  • Drastic deviations from normal behavior or a sudden change in their personality
  • A radical shift in sleeping habits or appetite

If you notice these signs in your child, visit Innovated Minds to get your child the care they need. Innovated Minds offers pediatric services in Richardson, TX, for young clients struggling with complex psychiatric issues to get the timely help they require.

What to Expect

Our psychiatric team comprises of experienced and compassionate mental health professionals who have worked with a wide range of clients, including pediatric clients. During your visit to Innovated Minds, we will ensure that your child feels safe and accepted without any judgment. We have consciously created a space that feels welcoming and secure for pediatric patients, including those undergoing challenging mental health crises.

After a careful and comprehensive assessment, we will determine the best type of treatment for your child. Children experiencing mental health disorders can benefit from psychotherapy, including counseling and psychodynamic psychotherapy. We may also recommend parent/child behavioral training and medication management if the circumstances call for it.

Are you concerned about the mental well-being of your young one? Children, like adults, struggle with mental health issues too. With the right kind of professional intervention, your child can overcome troubling problems and enjoy a happy and peaceful childhood. Walk into our mental health clinic today and experience our outstanding pediatric services near you.

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