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Are you struggling with your weight? Have you tried every weight loss program there is without success? Do your diets and exercise plans fail every time? Whether you’re looking to add weight to your somewhat skinny frame or shed a few pounds, weight issues can be, well, weighty matters. And in cases where your interventions in weight matters don’t seem to be working, you may be struggling with emotional and mental problems.

Even when you have the best intentions, specific psychological blocks can derail you from overcoming your weight issues. Such blocks include mood disorders, stress, and childhood trauma. Working with a qualified psychiatric professional can help you identify the mental issues underlying your weight issues. This way, you get to the root cause of your problem, which allows you to find a lasting solution for your same.

Innovated Minds is a leading, walk-in psychiatric clinic that provides treatment for weight issues in Richardson, TX. We empower our patients to begin recognizing patterns of harmful behavior and to take control of their life to overcome the challenges they have with their weight. If you have always struggled with weight issues, we welcome you to walk into our clinic and get the help you deserve in a welcoming and non-judgmental environment.

The Role of the Mind in Weight Issues

Everything indeed begins in your mind. Your brain is the control tower for everything that happens in your body. When your brain is sending compromised signals, the result is a body that is in disarray.

During your visit to our psychiatric clinic, our team will be keen to determine whether you’re making choices and exhibiting behaviors that are unconducive to weight control or weight loss. Such choices include emotional or stress eating, holding unhealthy beliefs about food, and showing impulsiveness where food is concerned. We will also be keen to evaluate your overall health, medical history, any current medications, and your stress levels.

Mood disorders can also impact your weight, and our psychiatrist will evaluate you for depression and anxiety, among others.

Benefits of Psychiatric Intervention for Weight Issues

With psychiatric intervention, we unpack the source of your weight problems and help you overcome them by addressing the primary concern. Relying on fad diets and lose-weight-quick schemes does nothing for your general well-being. We want to help you with controlling your weight and becoming a healthier person.

While other strategies that help you cut weight might work for the short term, psychiatric intervention equips you with long-term skills that you can apply in the management of your weight going forward. Besides cognitive behavioral therapy, our team will also explore psychotherapy, nutrition management, and medication management to help you manage your weight issues.

We welcome you to walk into our facility today if you’re looking for a reputable psychiatric clinic that provides long-term intervention for weight issues near you.

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